St Mary's Hall Appeal

St Marys Hall

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A big thank you to all who have helped so far.

St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe on Trent, intends to replace its existing hall with a brand-new, purpose-built hall for the 21st century. We invite you to help us!

We aim to have a first-rate, multi-purpose building which can be used imaginatively to develop the work of St Mary’s Church and to be available for use by the whole village.

This outstanding building will house all our existing users, with room for more.

Radcliffe needs its Church Hall

Over the years, St Mary’s Church Hall has been widely used by the village as well as by the church and we want this to continue!

Community use

Uses include…
• Drama groups • Choirs • Brownies • Art exhibitions • Badminton • Parties and dances

Church / community projects

• Under Fives • Holiday Club • Coffee Pot • Christmas lunch ......

Church use

• One Way Club (Sunday School for 3-10s) • Youth Group • Mothers’ Union • Social events
The position of the new hall will allow much safer passage between church and hall for children and the less mobile.

Why do we need to replace the old hall?

What will the new hall offer?

We are sure you will agree this is an exciting and ambitious venture. It is important for the future of the village and we hope you will want to be part of it!

How can I help?