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Current estimated target - 850,000

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began on June 25 2007 after 2 years of fundraising and is now essentially complete. The various stages of the construction process can be seen on the online "blog"


Handover to St Mary's took place on 16th May 2008, with the contractor working hard to meet this deadline. The hall is now being kitted out and essential paperwork being done before the various community user groups can 'move in'. The hall should be available for private hire from around September. Information about booking will be available on the main St Mary's website.

Dedication Ceremony

The hall was dedicated by the Very Reverend George Cassidy, Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, on Sunday May 18th.

Appeal thermometer

The 'thermometer' in the Vicarage garden reads 800,000 . This total has been achieved through a combination donations, fundraising, building sales and external grants. The difference between our target and the amount raised is being met by a loan from the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. Loan repayments are currently being supported by the 60 or so people who are committed to giving regularly. Fundraising will continue so that the loan can be repaid as soon as possible.

External Funding

A remarkable 200,000 has so far been raised by our local community and its friends through donations, sponsorship and fundraising events. External funding has also been sought and we are extremely grateful for the support of:
Biffaward - ♥ - WREN - ♥ - The Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham - ♥ - The Garfield Weston Foundation - ♥ - The Beatrice Laing Trust - ♥ - The JN Derbyshire Trust - ♥ - The Gray Trust - ♥ - E.ON

Old Church Hall - We are grateful to God for the smooth sale of the old hall which was finalised in September 2006. It has been purchased by a graphic design company for use as offices. The building is currently undergoing restoration and alteration.

Donations to St Mary's Hall Appeal can now also be made online by credit/debit card!! Simply click here!

Coming Events

We are currently taking a short break from fundraising while all efforts are being focused on getting the hall ready for use. We will renew our efforts later in the year with a view to paying off the borrowed money as soon as possible.

Recent Events

Please see the fundraising page for details of past fundraising events
Meal at Jade Garden - 288 [ more details ]
Coach Trip to York - 385 [ more details ]
Art Exhibition 2007 - > 700 [ read more ]

Other fundraising

Thank you to all the jam makers. Your total has now risen to more than 300.

Sales on eBay have now raised over 8,700 . Martin Skeffington is always looking for interesting and unusual items to auction.

Martin's quizzes have raised 363. Answers to all the quizzes are available here. The mileage quiz produced a further 99.

Looking Back

Rotary Club presentation

A cheque for 750 is received from Bingham & District Rotary Club.

24th May - "Last Night". The Drama Group mark their final rehearsal in the Church Hall.

Drama Group
Drama Group

24th May - after 21 years the final Coffee Pot took place in the old church hall

Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot has now reopened in St Mary's Church and runs from 10-12 Mon to Wed and 11-12 on Thursdays.

Happy Memories - 24th March
Happy memories
Display of history

Neil Weston undertook his Vicar's Bike Tour of English Cathedrals last summer. He visited each of the 42 mainland C of E cathedrals (+ all 19 Catholic cathedrals) on his motorbike and took lots of photos - some of which can be seen on the appeal website! Over 10,000 of sponsorship was pledged. Full details and a diary of Neil's tour are available here