St Mary's Hall Appeal


The cost is estimated professionally at around £800,000.

Please see the news page for up to date details of the progress towards this target.


Our hope is that regular giving will provide much of the funds required. The sum required may seem large, but with the support of the village we believe it is within reach!

Taxpayers are encouraged to use Gift Aid, the government scheme which enables the St Mary’s Hall Appeal to recover the tax paid on their donations. This adds 28p to every £1 given, at no extra cost to the donor.

If you do wish to help, a standing order through the bank is often the simplest and most painless method of giving. If you prefer to give by cash, envelopes can be provided.

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Gift aid logo One-off or occasional donations will be welcomed. Again, taxpayers are encouraged to use Gift Aid. Donations can now also be made online by credit/debit card!

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Such events not only raise money but also give a wonderful opportunity for people to show ingenuity, and the social spin-off is worthwhile too!


Before we can sign the building contract, we need money up front! Substantial loans will be essential. Interest-free or low-interest loans will be especially appreciated. If you think you may be able to help in this way, please tick the box on the response form and the Appeal Treasurer will contact you.

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If you have any questions about the Appeal, please contact the Vicar, Rev Neil Weston, or one of the Churchwardens, whose names and phone numbers are published in LINK magazine each month.

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